Like Me For My Mind

Men do not surprise me anymore. Before I worked for London escorts, I never used to be able to figure men out. However, all of that has changed since I became involved with London escorts. Now I know that men only think with their dicks. They may give you all of the romantic spiel in the world, but ultimately they only think with their cocks. I have lost count of how many men I have met whose ultimate aim it is to get you into bed.

How do you know if a man is trying to get you into bed to satisfy his cravings? To be honest, it is not very hard to do. Once you have been with charlotte London escorts for a while, you become a bit of an expert at that. A sure sign that all London escorts are aware of, is that he starts to top up your glass of wine all of the time. It means that he is trying to get your drunk so that you will not resist him. During my time working for London escorts, I have become an expert “sipper”. Drink slowly and you are less likely to lose control.

The other thing men do when they want to try to get you into bed, is to stare down your cleavage. I think it is not only London escorts who recognise this move. They sort of sit there and just look down your cleavage. I am not sure what they are looking for but I am pretty sure most of my London escorts clients have sexy fantasies when they look down my cleavage. They probably think about sticking their cock between my tits.

He starts to talk about sex. Men who would like to have sex with you often start to talk about how little less he has with his wife or partner. That is kind of funny when that happens. You sort of end up sitting there realising that there could be a very good reason his wife does not want to have sex with him. There are days at London escorts when I wish I could shake these guys to make them more aware of the way they are acting. Talking about sex over a nice meal is not really a turn on.

Should you tell a guy that he seems to be thinking with his dick? There was a time when I thought that this was a smart thing to do, but now I just let them get on with it. Of course, that applies to London escorts only. When I am out on private dates I do sometimes get fed up and tell the men exactly what I think about them. Yes, it sounds a bit cruel, but do you really need to make it so obvious that you are just after sex? No, I don’t think so, There are far better ways of getting into a woman’s knickers if you know what I mean.

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